Breakfast Club 

 Why Breakfast?

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and that’s why I started Breakfast Club.
It’s a free, fun and social way to encourage and inspire others to start their day with an awesome nutritious breakfast.
Breakfast Club is all about sharing your healthy, nutritious and convenient plant based smoothies, and smoothie bowl recipes. If you have a great recipe, share it with your Instagram tribe and let’s all get healthy together!
Come on, join us today and get your FREE Breakfast Club Pack with free smoothie recipes.
Wall Sit December

Wall Sit December

I am super pumped about our December Challenge. We are doing Wall Sits. One of my favourite exercises. So the Challenge is to do a one minute wall sit every day during December 2020. Be summer ready. Get those thighs and core toned up for summer. Keep on track and...


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