I love a good cup of coffee. I have one cup every morning around 9 or 10am. Usually a double shot with almond milk. Yum!

However, if I have more than that one cup in the morning, I find I get the jitters, it affects my sleep in a bad way, and I start to feel a little anxious. My digestion also gets dispruted.

Does that happen to you?

The good news is that there are great alternatives.

Good Alternatives:

Things like green tea are great, some decaf coffees are also great (stay clear of the chemically processed ones), but my favourite pick-me-up drink is Arbonne Fizz Sticks. These are great because the caffeine in them is derived from guarana and green tea. And I sleep like a baby if I drink these instead of coffee.

Bad Alternatives:

Energy Drinks (Red Bull, etc.)
Coke and other soft drinks

Remember to savour that coffee and enjoy it. Don’t use it for the sole purpose of getting more energy, because it will have the opposite effect in the long run.