It’s a common occurrence. It’s mid afternoon and you start feeling a little sluggish, or you might even feel like taking a little nap. You want to reach for a chocolate bar or a sugar hit, but you know deep down that you shouldn’t do that.

Well I have some great news for you!

It’s easy to overcome the slump when we know what to eat and drink. In the afternoons we need foods that will increase blood supply to the brain, foods that are anti-inflammatory and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And WATER…we need water!

Here are my afternoon choices:

Whole Grains – brown rice, black rice. I like to make a big batch on a Sunday, then keep in the fridge to use during the week.

Berries – right now the berries are sensational, so make the most of seasonal fruits. It’s a well known fact that blueberries make you smarter, so blueberries are my top choice. Frozen berries are also great if you can’t get fresh.

Avocado – helps to regulate blood sugar and improve your concentration. Cut open an avocado, sprinkle one half with a little sea salt and a squeeze of lemon, and eat straight from the fruit with a spoon. Yum!

Nuts & Seeds – I like to snack on whole almonds and toasted pumpkin seeds (click here for a super-easy recipe).

Water – Our brains are about 𝟳𝟱% water, so drink up! Being even a little de-hydrated can affect your brain and you mood.