Plant Based Food

What does WFPB mean?

A whole foods plant based (WFPB) is really a lifestyle. For me it’s a way a life that means I only occasionally consume animal products. Not only that, it means I try to eat food as unprocessed as possible. The biggest influence for me was, and still is, Forks over Knives. What started out as a documentary film, Forks over Knives is now an incredible resource of recipes, information and meal plans. I also get heaps of ideas from Instagram, and from Facebook, so there are loads of free resources out there if you want to go plant based. 

My Transition to Plant Based

I grew up in a traditional Latvian family. Our meals always had meat as their main component, and just about everything else was either cooked in butter, or had some form of dairy in them. Salads dressed with sour cream, potatoes cooked in butter, that sort of thing.

When I hit my late 40s, I cut out dairy as part of a 30 day Healthy Living Program I was doing. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt, and how my energy levels soared. As I ate less and less meat, I felt better and better. So why wouldn’t I stick with this type of lifestyle! It’s been the best thing for me.

I have also shed weight as a result of eating plant based. I no longer count calories, weigh or measure anything, and at 55, I am healthier and fitter than ever. 

For tips on how you can transition to a plant based diet without upsetting the family, head over the this page!


Why is Breakfast so important to me?

I love food and I love breakfast. I find that when I have a nutrient dense smoothie, I feel so much better all day. I don’t get those sugary ups and downs throughout the day.

Breakfast is a chance to start the day right, add good nutrients to your body, and keep you feeling full for longer.  

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