Happy World Earth Day

I was doing some research on fake meat burgers this morning*. I call them “fake” but really they are plant based.

It was comparing a traditional meat patty with a fake meat patty (ie. the Impossible Burger patty and the Beyond Meat patty).

Now I have always been a little hesitant of the fake meat burger, but I did have one the other night. I bought a Beyond Meat patty from the supermarket and cooked it at home.

And the result?

It was really delicious!!

But was it a healthy choice?

Whilst the fake meat burger contains lots of salt, it has no trans fats and no cholesterol, but has very little fibre. However if faced with the choice of a meat burger versus a Beyond Meat burger? It’s a no brainer. Go for the fake meat burger. It’s a healthier and tasty option.

Nutritionfacts.org Video