I’m really excited to announce our September Walking Challenge. I’m calling it “STEP-Tember”.

This is where it all started in 2020. A small group of us got together and challenged ourselves to do 2kms (1.24m) each day in September. It was a time when we were in serious lockdown, so for us, the Challenge brought a sense of mental clarity, peace, fresh air, and joy to what was a pretty horrible time.

As I write this post here in Melbourne Australia, we are once again in a serious lockdown. Having spoken to many women this week, we are again being challenged with “lockdown fatigue”. This includes not wanting to socialise, not wanting to go outside, not wanting to meet people, and not wanting to exercise. Hence the need for this Challenge. It’s not about fitness, strength, or even physically challenging yourself. It’s about bringing peace, calm and some good brain vibes.

So please join me. Dust off your walking shoes. There will be fun activities during the month, things to do on your walks (totally optional) and I hope that I too can shake off the lockdown fatigue.

This challenge has not closed.

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Sending you love and health.

Linda x