Sometimes you just want to eat cake! 

I saw this cake on a TV cooking show, and it looked so good I had to try it. It’s a Swedish chocolate cake called Kladdkaka. I made it dairy free but substituting Nuttlex for the butter, and I used a coconut ice cream to serve.  A word of warning – it is super moorish, it has HEAPS of sugar in it, but it’s so worth it as a special treat.  Enjoy! 


240g caster sugar
2 large eggs (or plant based substitute)
65g plain flour (I used plain gluten free flour)
30g cocoa powder
A pinch of salt
120g butter or Nuttlex, melted
1/2 teaspoon vanilla paste or essence


Cream the sugar and eggs in a large bowl. Sift flour, cocoa and salt into another bowl.
Fold the dry ingredients into the eggs and sugar. Mix in butter and vanilla.

Pour into a grease springform pan that has been lined with paper and coated with cocoa powder.
Bake at 180 C for 20-25 minutes or until the top has hardened but the centre is still soft.
Sprinkle with icing sugar and leave to rest to room temperature.

Serve with vanilla coconut ice cream, it’s simply delicious!