So you’ve decided to give up the alcohol. But what do you drink now? What do you order when the waiter asks for your drinks?

In cutting back on the alcohol, I’ve tried loads of alternatives drinks, some of which are awesome, some not so awesome. Here are my top 3 non-alcoholic beverages that I swear by:

  1. Tonic Water. The one drink that I keep coming back to, time and time again, is tonic water. I was a big gin and tonic drinker, but realised that it was actually the flavour of the tonic that I really enjoyed. So today I always order a tonic water with ice and fresh lime. There are many low-sugar tonic waters out there, so read the labels and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Served in a nice glass, it is very satisfying.

  2. Sparkling Brut (non-alcoholic). When you find a good non-alcoholic wine or beer, you’re on a winner. I have tried quite a few alternatives, including non-alcoholic spirits (don’t waste your money), but have found Songbird Wines the best. Not to mention that they are local to me and made by a friend. Their sparkling brut is great when mixed with red ruby grapefruit juice. Cheers!

  3. Green Tea. This is the perfect drink for me when I’m preparing dinner. Not just any green tea, but a really nice luxury brand green tea. When I used to drink gin and tonic, I would think nothing of spending upwards of $40 on a bottle of gin. So why not spend a few dollars on some really nice green tea. And served in a special cup. Not only is green tea full of anti-oxidants, it supports your metabolism and energy. And who doesn’t want that!!

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