Are you someone that loves eating well and healthy, likes to cook, but gets stressed with coming up with the ideas each week? This is why those meal delivery services are doing so well. They’re designed for people that like creating, but don’t like the tedious planning part (and the shopping).

That was me, until I came up this weekly formula for meal plans. It’s so simple, and works so well in our household.

This is how it works…each day of the week has a theme.

We have…Meatless Monday Burgers, Taco Tuesday, Weeknight Vegan Wednesday, Curry Thursday, Takeout or Eat Out Friday. Saturdays and Sundays we do on the fly, depending on what is happening in our crew.

This week our dinners look like this:

Monday = Black Bean Burgers
Tuesday = Taco Tuesday
Wednesday = Peanut Noodles
Thursday = Green Curry
Friday = Grazing Platter
Saturday = Green Goddess Bowl
Sunday = Sunday Roast

I will post my meal plans on Instagram each week, so please come and say hi.