I love cooking. However I hate meal planning and I hate grocery shopping even more.

A solution to this?

Get a meal kit delivered to my door.

Sounds simple enough, but let’s look at some of the pitfalls, and what I do when ordering a meal kit:

  • Take time to carefully choose your meals, don’t just tick the first meals that appear on the list and hope that you might like the meal. Remember you have to cook and eat them!
  • Look at the ingredients carefully – I like to choose the simple meals that have a good selection of fresh vegetables, and no dairy. Usually the ingredients come direct from the farm, so they can be lovely and fresh when you get them.
  • Check how long the meal takes to prepare. I choose meals that can be done in under 30 minutes.
  • Simple is best. Look for the meals that have easy to prepare dressings that finish off the meal. And look for the ones with minimum oil.
  • Some meal kits can use a lot of packaging, so choose the meal kit that is conscious of excess waste such as plastic wrap.

Meal kits can save you lots of time and reduce food waste in your household. I like to order meal kits when I feel uninspired and want to try new recipes. I save the good recipes and make them again and again.