Linda Clucas

Hi, I’m Linda

I help women in their 40s and 50s get their energy and sexy bods back without doing any crazy dieting.
I was always slim, active, and took pride in how I looked, but for some reason in my mid-forties, I found I couldn’t fit into my favourite clothes. Over time, I found myself becoming bigger, and so zapped of energy that my poor husband had to make me a huge pot of coffee just to get me out of bed in the mornings.
Being too tired to exercise was making me unhealthy and miserable, and I was really scared of turning into a fat blob, so I tried changing my diet, but I still needed that coffee hit. Then, much to my husband’s relief, I found a range of products and a program that stopped me needing that daily caffeine fix. Today I feel fitter, healthier, and more energetic than I did in my thirties.

I help women who were once like me and want to get their sexy bodies back without doing any crazy dieting, or eating rabbit food.

What if what worked for me could work for you?
And I can be your accountability buddy if you want me to.
Is it worth spending 5 minutes to find out?
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What My Clients Say

I have learnt lots from you and enjoying all that you share, your knowledge and passion. Not only has my skin improved, but  so has my digestion and inner health. Thank you so much Linda!

I first met Linda at a women’s networking function, and I was drawn to her by the way she presented herself and how well she ran the event. I have been a client of Linda’s for a few years now. Her knowledge of health is fantastic, and she is so passionate about helping women over 45 learn about health and fitness, and helping women to look younger and care about themselves. I love being a part of Linda’s community.

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